About Us

We are very proud of our solid roster of talented clients. We represent people who we believe in.  As a boutique management company, we are dedicated to giving each client the individual attention that they deserve. We believe that the talent-manger relationship is more than just business; it is a long-lasting commitment to the pursuit of personal success and actualizing artistic dreams.

About Productions

Our production arm handles a large scope of the
production process but primarily focuses on development and packaging.
We give artists the opportunity to bring their ideas to life.
We are interested in projects that parallel our passion for social
justice, humanity and the healing power of laughter; Dorit Simone has a
special place in her heart for experimental projects.

Dorit Simone

Dorit Simone has been working in entertainment since she was a small
child growing up in New Jersey. She studied theater in and around New
York City- including New Actors Workshop, Circle in the Square and
Michael Howard Studios. She went on to earn her BA at New York
University, where she graduated with honors, and later moved to Los

She has worked at notable talent agencies and talent management
companies where she learned the ins and outs of the entertainment
industry. She has produced various independent film and theater
projects. Dorit Simone is especially passionate about guiding young
actors and turning dreams into reality. These two desires propelled her
to open Dorit Simone Management & Productions.



1012 S. Robertson Blvd. Suite E
Los Angeles, CA 90035